Les sonates dédiées à Eugène Ysaÿe

4 CD set: Eight sonatas dedicated to Ysaÿe

  • G. Samazeuith: Sonata in B Minor (world premiere recording)
  • G. Ropartz: Sonata no. 1 in D Minor
  • C. Franck: Sonata in A Major (listen)
  • A. Magnard: Sonata in G Major op. 13
  • L. Vierne: Sonata in G Minor op. 23 (listen)
  • S. Lazzari: sonata op. 24
  • G. Lekeu: Sonata in G Major
  • J. Jongen: Sonata no. 1 in D Major op. 27

Andrew Hardy, violin; Uriel Tsachor, piano
MUSIQUE EN WALLONIE, MEW 0528 - 0531, Liège, Beligum

"The duo Andrew Hardy and Uriel Tsachor, whom we have already heard in a remarkable integral of the Brahms Sonatas (cf. No. 467), offer us a vision of these 8 works, of rare coherence, at the same time strong, sensitive, and passionate. Their complicity, and the generosity of their eloquence, captivates from beginning to end. The two interpreters dominate their subject with as much majesty as imagination, using luminous timbres and a lyricism of supreme elegance. A courageous realization and in all points exemplary."

Diapason -- France, August 2006

(Awarded 5 Diapasons by the Diapason magazine -- France)

"Andrew Hardy, violinist with a pure style, and sonority of magnificent lucidity, finds in Uriel Tsachor a pianist with great sensitivity and perfect musicality. Of these artists, the reverse can equally be said."

Classica-Répertoire, Paris, August 2006

"The violinist and the pianist solve the many tricky tasks of this most fastidious Sonata collection with bravura... Hardy has an enormously large pallete of expression which he uses skilfully in the interrelation with Tsachor whereby both interpreters follow the dynamic outlines of the music in detail. The special pianistic talents of Uriel Tsachor meet the needs of a diverse tonal palette, differentiating between dolcissimo, molto dolce, cantabile, exactly as the scores demand. The thorough architectural portrayal is brought out by the numerous details, without loosing the overall sweep of the music."

Klassik magazin -- Germany, August 2006

The Complete Works for Violin and Piano by Brahms

  • Sonata in G Major op. 78 (listen)
  • Sonata in A Major op. 100
  • Scherzo in C minor
  • Sonata in D Minor op. 108 (listen)
  • Clarinet Sonata no. 1 in F Minor op. 120/1
    (Arrangement by Brahms: world premiere recording)
  • Clarinet Sonata no. 2 in E-flat Major op 120/2
    (Arrangement by Brahms)

Andrew Hardy, violin; Uriel Tsachor, piano
CALLIOPE, CAL 9283.4, Paris, 2 CDs

"A Moving Performance."

The Strad - London 2000

(Awarded 5 Diapasons by the Diapason magazine -- France)

"The transparency and definition are excellent...
In the E-flat Major Sonata, the two interpreters establish an energy and density that is uncommon, whilst, in turn, they give to the F minor Sonata a touching, meditative tenderness and a comforting exhilaration. Their reading of the three "original" Violin Sonatas, likewise, abides in a subtle equilibrium between passion, torment and reserve... the dialogue between the instruments is balanced, both in power and direction; neither of the two partners ever taking the ascendancy any longer than is suggested by the score. The sonorities produced by the violinist are in full bloom, his vibrato ample and majestic, while the pianist responds with a dynamic eloquence and depth, in perfect harmony. The Scherzo "F.A.E.", tumultuous as desired, is one of the most intoxicating moments of this collection... "

Diapason - France (March, 2000)

    Reissued as Intégral 2005, CALLOIPE, Paris

Robert Schumann: Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op. 44

Piano Solo Version:
   Third movement arranged by Johannes Brahms
   First, second and fourth movements arranged by U. Tsachor (listen)

Piano Quintet Op. 44: Original version

Uriel Tsachor, piano; Amati Quartet Zürich
DIVOX, CDX-29201, Basel

"Tsachor's arrangement is fascinating and shows him to be a master pianist. He exploits the voicing capabilities of his superb instrument to the maximum, with a massive dynamic range. Tsachor has a commendable sense of pacing. His playing is highly Romantic and no want of virtuosity and drive were required."

Collector's Guide: Milestones in the recorded history of Schumann's Piano Quintet

International Piano Magazine - London, December 05

"Hearing the original score in contrast to the transcription, piano performance trumps the set... Tsachor has a colorful sound palette, and the solo interpreter unfolds the interior life of the work bubbling underneath it, his pacing and organization is more flexible even than that of the excellent ensemble. In spite of the congenial sound the Amati quartet presents in the original version, Tsachor knows how this romantic liberty preserves the inner life of the work."

RONDO - Germany, January 1997

200 Years of String Quartet

sampler disc

The second movement of the original version of the Schumann Quintet is included on this DIVOX label sampler disc.

DIVOX CDX-25210-2, Basel

The Complete Original Works for Violin and Piano by Robert & Clara Schumann

R. Schumann

  • Sonata in A Minor op. 105
  • Sonata in D Minor op. 121

C. Schumann

  • Sonata in A Minor op. post. (1853)
  • Three Romances op. 22

Andrew Hardy, violin; Uriel Tsachor, piano
OLYMPIA OCD 356, London

"...Hardy & Tsachor give us a glimpse of the inner workings of Schumann's crumbling psyche, and as my pulse quickens I find it impossible to listen objectively. This cathartic reading gives the impression of the ethereal and tormented music that Schumann heard as he was losing his mind..."

American Record Guide - July/August 1993

The Simrock Story, Vol. 1

  • L. V. Beethoven: 13 Variations on a Theme by Dittersdorf, WoO 66
  • Ferdinand Hiller: Capriccio in C-sharp Minor op4/2 (listen) (world premier recording)
  • F. Mendelssohn: 3 Songs without Words; Scherzo a capriccio
  • J. Brahms: Seven Fantasies op. 116
  • J. Brahms-Theodor Kirchner: Two Lieder (world premier recording)
  • A. Dvorak: Berceuse and Capriccio (listen)

Uriel Tsachor, piano
DIVOX CDX-29101, Basel

"A refreshing change... stands out from the pack"

Green Guide - Australia, 1993

"The performance of Tsachor is vigorous and refined"

MUZIEK - Netherlands 1992

Robert Schumann: Piano Works

  • Humoreske op. 20
  • Bunte Blätter op. 99

Uriel Tsachor, piano
EMS SBCD-8900, Brussels

Second re-mastered ediction of this disc:

"Tsachor's performances of them confirm his ideal suitability to this repertoire. Finely controlled poetry and lightness of spirit are beautifully balanced in this searching exploration of the music's textural colours. Tsachor's touching performances are enchanting throughout and, with good, natural piano sound, they can be recommended without reservation."

BBC Music Magazine - London, August 1994

"Tsachor... here gives us a Schumann Humoreske that in some ways recalls the famous, classic Richter recording from the 60's. Naturally, this is not a copied performance, but there is a similar mercurial quality about the playing that is real, personal, and very special -- not something that can be learned from anyone. Many original touches, especially regarding inner voices and extreme tempos, show a forceful and thoughtful personality at work."

Fanfare - USA, March 1995

Clara Schumann: Piano Works

  • Romances
  • Scherzi
  • Preludes and Fugues

Uriel Tsachor, piano
EMS SBCD-2600, Brussels

Second re-mastered edition of this disc:

"It is to Tsachor's great credit that Clara speaks with a voice and temperament so very much her own throughout the entire recital. His characterization is arrestingly vivid, with contrasts emphasized in bold primary colours rather than the pastel shades often thought more apt for a lady of those times."

Gramophone - London, April 1996

"Romances, Scherzi, Preludes and Fugues sound convincingly free... Tsachor avoids, wherever he can the odium of a keyboard lion, and is always cultivated, sensitive, empathetic, conscious of sound and gently convincing."

SüddeutscheZeitung - Munich, December 1986

"... It was all put on an EMS record magnificently played throughout by Uriel Tsachor, whose name also adorns different recordings for the EMI and Phonic labels. He is a beautiful and a poetic pianist, one who never falls into sentimentality."

Knack - Belgium, April 1986

Max Reger and Richard Strauss Sonatas

Max Reger: Sonata in C Minor for Violin and Piano op. 139
   (world premier recording) (listen)

Richard Strauss: Sonata in E-flat Major for Violin and Piano op. 18

Andrew Hardy, violin; Uriel Tsachor, piano
OLYMPIA OCD 357, London

"Our two artists have removed themselves from the famous Heifetz recordings (of Strauss Sonata) in two ways. Firstly, by the just representation of the two parts, and secondly by the intimate and delicately nostalgic mood imported as if these pages were renewed again by the composer as a mature man."

CD Classica - Italy, November 1994

"Max Reger, on the road to rehabilitation"

Le Vif - Express - Belgium, December, 1993

A Festival of the XXth Century

  • S. Barber: Sonata for Cell and Piano op. 6 (listen)
  • B. Britten: Sonata for Cello and Piano op. 65 (listen)

Emanuel Gruber, Cello; Uriel Tsachor, piano
EMS-Arcobaleno AAOC-93272, Brussels

Cello and Piano Music of the St. Petersburg School

Works by Achron, Rosowski, Gnessin, Zeitlin, and Weprik. (last three are world premiere recordings)

Uri Vardi, cello; Uriel Tsachor, piano
Beth Hatefutsoth Records BTR 9801, Tel Aviv

"...Uriel Tsachor on the piano manages to bring life to music that is rarely, if ever, performed these days."

Aspects of the Chamber Music

sampler disc

contains: Chopin Polonaise in G-sharp Minor (listen)

Uriel Tsachor, piano
DIVOX CDX 59210-2, Basel

Uriel Tsachor: Prix Davidoff

  • J. Brahms: Concerto No. 1 op 15
  • M. Ravel: Ondine

Uriel Tsachor, piano; Radio Orchestra of Belgium; Alfred Walter, conductor
EMS SCBE-3001, Brussels

"A young musician who prusues piano playing not because of its dexterous deception, but as a vehicle for musical poetry."

SüddeutscheZeitung - Munich, Decemeber 1986

Four Great 20th Century Piano Sonatas

  • B. Bartók: Sonata (1926)

Uriel Tsachor, piano. (Other winners of the Busoni competition on disc)
Musical Heritage Society MHS 7413T

L. V. Beethoven

  • Eroica Variations
  • Sonatas Nos. 24 and 27

Uriel Tsachor, piano
EMI 1A 065-2701261

"Beethoven's Eroica Variations and the Sonatas op. 78 and op. 90 are excellent, and in which, when it is actually demanded, are never portrayed with overbearing piano playing; In the first movement of the op. 90, the contemplative mood with a tendency to dissolve is victorious, while the Finale movement hits the tempo with wonderful precision and meets with calculated Agogics Beethoven's demands (vivacita, sentimento, espressione)."

SüddeutscheZeitung - Munich, December 1986

"This record is a welcome accomplishment... all remarkably articulated by Uriel Tsachor. He has a sense for contrasts. He builds his crescendi and decrescendi admirably and varies his sonorities with remarkable ease, evenness and poetic invention. Such coherence, such plenitude, such clarity! Such intelligent sensitivity and such a judicious choice of pianistic means! Well recorded, it is the personality of Uriel Tsachor that comes out on this record."

Bruxelles - Europe magazine - Belgium, April 1985

Sonata no. 24 is also included on Alex de Vries Prize Laureates
EMI 1A 065-1653801

J. Brahms: Concerto No. 2, op. 83

Uriel Tsachor, piano; National Orchestra of Belgium; Georges Octors, conductor

Grand-Prix Bösendorfer-Empire

  • Franz Liszt: Dante Sonata

Uriel Tsachor, piano
EMS SBCD-300400, Brussels

1980 071, Brussels


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